GPS Effective Method of Counter-surveillance for Narcotics Traffickers

The Use of Global Positioning Technology to Combat Drug Trafficking

An increasing number of organized crime groups in Latin America are using basic technology like the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to avoid United States law enforcement agencies while transporting drugs. El Salvador’s División Antinarcóticos, the country’s anti-drug program, reports that organized crime groups are increasingly using GPS technology to transport illegal shipments.

This use of basic technology comes after the recent arrest of the infamous crime boss, Prado Alava, who alleged that his operation was using technology more advanced than any other group.

The United States has likely increased focus on this activity because the amount of cocaine traffic has increased significantly in the course of the last year. The United States’ International Narcotics Control Strategy Reports reveal that the amount of drugs exported from South America has risen to unprecedented levels. The amount of coca cultivation in Colombia has increased by 18 percent within the last year to an estimated 465,000 acres… Continue Reading this Post

Fitbit Data Plays Role in Murder Investigation

A Fitbit device is playing a groundbreaking role in a murder investigation. Connie Dabate of Ellington, Connecticut was killed shortly before Christmas, 2015. Connie Dabate’s husband, Richard, was found by police at the residence partially zip-tied to a chair. The arrest report for the case states that a canine was brought to the house in an effort to track the scent of the intruder. After a failed first attempt to follow the intruder’s scent, the canine then focused on Richard who was in the process of receiving medical treatment in an ambulance. A Fitbit found on Connie has further helped to show inaccuracies in the story told by Richard.

The Husband’s Version of the Murder

Richard alleges that on December 23, 2015, his children were placed on the morning bus to school. Richard then went to work and Richard’s wife was headed to the local YMCA. After realizing that he had forgotten his laptop at home, Richard returned to the residence between 8:45 and 9:00 am. At the residence, Richard heard a noise and spotted an intruder which caused Richard to order Connie to run. After a brief st… Continue Reading this Post

Man Charged for Causing Seizure Due to Tweet

While the digital era has introduced several benefits, there are also numerous types of new threats created by technology. Recently, a man in Maryland was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because the man sent a tweet with an animated image of a strobe light to a journalist with epilepsy. The tweet in question was made by Kurt Eichenwald, and the tweeter in question is alleged to have been motivated by anti-semitic views. Eichenwald has over 300,000 followers on Twitter, has written four books, and been a vocal proponent against President Trump. The tweet in question came the night after the journalist argued with another individual that President Donald Trump had once been admitted to a mental hospital. The poster in question immediately apologized and sought help from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The deadly weapon in question is the use of the electronic device that was used to communi… Continue Reading this Post