Illegal Cyber Activities Pose Significant Criminal Threat to Europe

As the world becomes digitized, so does the crime. The European Police Commission (Europol) in March of 2017 released its annual Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA) ever. Europol is the law enforcement agency that is tasked with handling criminal intelligence and combating serious international organized crime in the European Union. SCOTA is a vital tool in Europol’s efforts to combat crime.

Comprised of more than 2,300 questionnaires regarding organized crime and investigation of more than 5,000 international groups of over 180 nationalities, the most recent SCOTA is the most comprehensive volume ever. SOCTA covers a range of criminal activities including eight priority crime threats: criminal finances, cyber crime, document fraud, drug production, migrant smuggling, online trade in illicit goods, organized property crime, and trafficking in human beings.

The Threat Presented by Cyber Crimes

SOCTA places cyber crime in the context of organized crime and serious criminal activity. Focusing on the danger presented by cyber crime and malware which steals information from… Continue Reading this Post

Man Charged for Causing Seizure Due to Tweet

While the digital era has introduced several benefits, there are also numerous types of new threats created by technology. Recently, a man in Maryland was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because the man sent a tweet with an animated image of a strobe light to a journalist with epilepsy. The tweet in question was made by Kurt Eichenwald, and the tweeter in question is alleged to have been motivated by anti-semitic views. Eichenwald has over 300,000 followers on Twitter, has written four books, and been a vocal proponent against President Trump. The tweet in question came the night after the journalist argued with another individual that President Donald Trump had once been admitted to a mental hospital. The poster in question immediately apologized and sought help from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The deadly weapon in question is the use of the electronic device that was used to communi… Continue Reading this Post